Always Active Campaign


In the health category, India Gate provides its consumers with India Gate Brown Rice. The benefits of Brown Rice range from being high in fibre to having a low GI (Glycemic Index) and being a rich source of anti-oxidants. For the health conscious and the many who seek a healthier lifestyle, Brown Rice would be the perfect diet choice.


Brown Rice as a diet alternative is not very well known. The idea was to promote India Gate Brown Rice as a healthy addition to a diet and to encourage people to lead a more active lifestyle.


We created the “Always Active” campaign. This was a pledge that people would take, resolving to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Users were directed to an “Always Active” microsite. Every single user who filled the Pledge form was provided with a personalized Diet plan created by renowned dietician – Mrs. Amita Grover. There were over 100 subscribers and over 1000 new sessions on the website.