Taste Togetherness Campaign


India Gate’s tagline has always been “Saath Badhega, Swaad Badhega”. “Togetherness” is something that should be treasured – from meal time with family and friends to one’s everyday life.


We looked at people who were missing out on real “togetherness”. The answer was staring at us in the face: The elderly in old age homes were neglected and forgotten to an appalling degree. The only question now was – How could we generate awareness about the plight of the elderly in these old age homes?


We introduced an elderly person, Maggie, from an old age home, to a family that did not have an older person’s influence in their lives. They spent a day together, and we used that video to generate awareness about others like her. The “Taste Togetherness” Campaign was born.

The video generated 222,460 views on Facebook and Youtube. The video was so powerful that it led to Maggie reuniting with a long lost friend after he had seen the video. A second video was shot that garnered over 550k views.

The response was even more amazing. Volunteers streamed in from all over the country and in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, we were able to organize visits and allowed the volunteers to spend some much welcomed time with the elderly.

We achieved a national trend with the hashtag #TasteTogetherness. This generated 26.2 million impressions and a reach of 3.02 million. In addition to this, 500 kg of rice was donated and Rs. 30,000 was raised.

The “Taste Togetherness” campaign helped generate awareness about the neglected elderly. It tied in with our brand values, but most importantly – it put a smile on faces that hadn’t had a reason to smile for many a year.