High in Fibre: Brown Rice has more fibre content than white rice. This helps in getting rid of toxins in our body. Moreover, it also helps in healthy bowel movement, which improves digestion.
Rich in Anti-Oxidants: Brown Rice is rich in anti-oxidants that can help you keep a healthy body. Anti-oxidants have a wide range of health benefits for various body parts, including skin, heart, immunity, digestion and memory.
Natural oils: Brown Rice also contains naturally occurring oils that are very beneficial for the body. They help normalise cholesterol levels and keep your body fit and healthy.
Low GI: Glycemic Index (GI) classifies foods based on how quickly they raise blood sugar levels in our body. The higher a food’s GI value is, the faster it will raise blood sugar levels and vice-versa. Thus, IG Brown Rice with a low GI of 8.6, can help in controlling hunger and preventing heart diseases as well as diabetes.
High in Manganese: One cup of Brown Rice provides 80% of our daily Manganese requirements. Manganese not only helps the body synthesize fats, but also benefits the nervous and reproductive systems.

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