Our Brands


The flagship brands of KRBL, India Gate Classic and Super are the epitome of quality. There are the most preferred choice of consumers to create some mouth-watering delights during special occasions. So welcome your long-distance cousins and treat them with Biryani or Shahi-Pulao and watch them longing for more.


With a true Basmati taste and aroma locked in every grain, Dubar and Tibar are the perfect choice for your occasional get-togethers or anytime celebrations. The ageing process ensures that each grain of rice cooks separately and do not stick to each other. So surprise your friends when they give you a surprise visit with the deliciously cooked Matar Pulao or Tomato Rice.


We know that for you, every day is an occasion that deserves to be celebrated together. And that’s why we perfected every grain of Rozzana for you to win hearts every day. So add the taste of happiness and appreciation when your better-half comes from work, or just invite over your neighbours and bowl them over with some lip-smacking delicacies


In a fast-paced life, skipping breakfast and eating junk food becomes a daily affair for you and your loved ones, making health take a back seat. With its low Glycemic Index (GI) and nutritional values, India Gate Brown, a flagship brand of KRBL, helps you to keep a check on your family’s health. So, include the taste of health in your family’s diet and give them the energy to stay active throughout the day.