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Egg Fried Rice

A timeless dish that is the cure for all your hunger pangs.


Gujurati Khichdi

We all love our kichdi. How about adding a slight Gujarati twist to an all-Indian classic?


Sakai Pongal

Indulge in this sweet, sweet South Indian treat.


Spinach Rice

Spinach Rice - there's a reason this delectable dish has always been considered a healthy classic. Bon appetit!


Coriander / Cilantro Rice

A simple and wholesome meal, ready in 15 minutes - gobbled up in 5!


Tawa Pulao

The Tawa Pulao - A delectable melange of colours and flavour, all brought into one, deliciously rich rice dish.

carrot rice

Carrot Rice Recipe

When you're in a rush and need something filling - Carrot rice it is!


Vagharelo Bhaat / Tempered Rice

A quick-fix rice dish that is sure to become a household favourite.

rice pakoras

Rice Pakoras

Discover a brand new way to enjoy your rice! These rice pakoras will fit just right in as a delicious, any time snack.


Sambhar Rice

A famous classic - learn how to prepare a truly mouthwatering Sambhar Rice for all to enjoy.