Fun Facts About the World’s Most Famous Secret Recipes (Part 1)

Secret recipes have been around since humankind evolved leading to the cooking of food. Even families have secret recipes so it comes as no surprise that large corporations have them too. However, since they are so successful, they have to take great measures to continue keeping them secret. Here are some fun facts about the world’s most sought after recipes.

1. The only handwritten copy of the Coca Cola recipe is stored in an immensely huge vault in Atlanta, Georgia.

2. There is a legend stating that only two living people know the secret recipe to make the perfect Cola and they are never allowed to come close to each other in case a calamity occurs and the recipe is lost forever.

3. While this is only a myth, it is derived from the time the company came into operation when only two people knew the recipe. However, this is not possible anymore due to the large scale of operations.


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1. The fried chicken recipe written down on a yellow piece of paper with pencil by Colonel Sanders is said to contain eleven herbs and spices.

2. The recipe is stored in a state-of-the-art safe in Louisville, Kentucky and is guarded by motion detectors, cameras and guards. Some have even spotted ninjas and dragons…

3. KFC spokesperson said that even if someone did manage to get a hand on the recipe, without the proportions, cooking time and temperature it would be useless.


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