Food For the Future (Part 1)

Over time, science has affected the way we consume food, taking us from everyday crops to Genetically Modified food items but the future seems to be on a level that can only be associated with Sci-Fi movies!

1. 3D printed Food
So the 3D printer has been around for a while now to create inorganic objects but recently users have started creating complex dishes using a 3D printer. While each dish currently takes a few hours to print in a few years we should be able to print out whatever we are craving!

3d printed food


2. Soylent
Combined using the words “Soy” and “lentils”, Soylent is a liquid that has everything you need to survive! Just add water to the bagged powder to create what has all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet of three meals.


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3. Wikicell
Wikicell is a vending machine that assembles nutrition rich food within an edible package thereby eliminating  generation of waste. Although it is only a prototype right now, the company is using this technology to create innovation food with edible packaging in categories like cheese, yogurt ,balls and ice cream.


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4. Vaporized Booze
Here’s happy new for all drinkers! This company creates alcohol vaporizers that allow you to inhale your alcohol using technology similar to an inhaler. It introduces the alcohol into your system directly into your blood stream via your lungs that gives you an instant high!

Vaporized Booze

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