Diverse Indian Dishes

Aaj ka Special
Every Indian city has its own unique and ‘special’ dish it likes to call its own. If you had to make a food map of India, then these dishes would all have equal claim to becoming the capital city! Have a look at today’s special.

  1. Galouti kebab, Lucknow
    Kebabs and Lucknow: The two go way, way back; to the Mughal era in fact. The word ‘galouti’ means ‘the thing that melts in your mouth’ – and that’s exactly what it does.
    The kebab was specially made for the ageing Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah. The Nawab had lost his set of teeth, but still craved for the taste of kebabs (don’t we all?) Being a Nawab though, has its perks. He ordered the royal kitchens to come up with an ingenious way of preparing meat that was easy to chew and swallow.
    The cooks marinated finely ground meat, mixing it with unripe papaya and sprinkling a mix of exotic spices. They then fried the keema in oil/ghee. It is said that the original recipe contained a mix of more than 100 exotic spices!
    Thankfully for us, dentures weren’t invented at the time!


Image Courtesy: www.achchakhana.com

2. Misal Pav, Pune
To be fair, Misal pav is a dish ubiquitous to all of Maharashtra, not just Pune. But what makes Pune’s version that much better, is the sheer quality of it WHEREVER you go in the city. There literally isn’t a single bad Misal Pav joint in Pune.
Here’s a fun fact in case you need some more convincing: The Misal Pav served at Mumbai’s Aaswad restaurant won ‘The World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish’ at the global Foodie Hub Awards in London.
Talk about credentials…

Missal Pav

Image Courtesy: en.wikipedia.org


Aloo Luchi, Kolkata

How you single out just ONE famous dish from the City of Joy? Kolkata has always been a hub for great food. But for now, one dish stands out. That is the aloo luchi (basically aloo and puris). Luchi is very similar to puris, while Alu Dom is the Bengali rendition of Dum Aloo. Generally served at breakfast, you can tell why Kolkata has such a soft spot for food – they wake up to great breakfasts almost every day!

Next time you’re in town don’t skip breakfast. You’d be missing out on more than just toast and eggs!


Image source- www.pinterest.com

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