5 North Eastern Dishes You MUST Try

5 Must try North Indian Dishes
India’s North East is a region full of many different cultures, unique tribes and colourful people. The food of the region is equally interesting and once again shows us how India’s diversity is a boon. (Foodies rejoice). Check out these five dishes from the North East you MUST try.

1.Smoked pork, Nagaland
To be fair, most states in the North East can boast of a mean pork dish. But to be fair, Nagaland’s is probably the best  Paired with bamboo shoot, Akhuni (fermented soya bean) or Raja Mirchi (the hottest chilli in the world), the smoked pork from Nagaland should rank high on the list of any carnivore’s menu.

3) Smoked pork from Nagaland      Image Courtesy: www.nelive.in

2.Iromba, Manipur
Prepared with fermented fish, mashed potatoes, fresh green leaves and blazing red chillies. The dish is marked by its strong and pungent taste, and is the lifeline of Manipuri cuisine. This must-have side dish can be relished with evening snacks.
— 12) Iromba from Manipur

            Image Courtesy- www.nelive.in

3.Jadoh, Meghalaya
This exciting dish from Meghalaya is a luscious pork and rice-based Khasi delicacy. Prepared in minimum oil, it has a unique and aromatic taste. No ceremony is complete without this sumptuous dish.


         Image Courtesy: WordPress.com

4.Chikhvi, Tripura
This dish is native to the state of Tripura. Made with stir fried bamboo shoots and sliced pork, this dish has a perfect balance of smokiness and lusciousness. The pork is cooked beautifully with a lit bit of moisture in every bite.


         Image Courtesy: beta.kanigas.com

5.Zan,Arunachal Pradesh

This popular dish from Arunachal Pradesh is prepared with millet flour and boiling water. This appetizing spicy porridge can be enjoyed with green vegetables and charred meat. This stunning dish is a roller coaster of flavours.

Arunachal Pradesh–Zan_8

  Image Courtesy: www.nelive.in


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