India’s Timeless Restaurants

India is a country blessed with a rich culture, history and a strong sense of tradition. Nothing reflects these values more than our most treasured restaurants. Taking examples from all over the nation, we take a look at some of India’s most timeless restaurants – each of them, an icon in their own right.

Indian Coffee House, Kolkata 


Indian Coffee House has over 400 branches across India, but its The College Street branch in Kolkata that is the most popular.

Founded in 1936, ICH Kolkata is most famous for its “adda” sessions. A place where cultural and literary gems are discovered and debated. Personalities like Rabindranath Tagore and Subhash Chandra Bose have frequented the coffee house. To this day, Indian Coffee House remains a regular haunt for many due to its old-world charm and its consistently delicious food at highly affordable prices.

Leopold Café, Mumbai


Established in 1871, Leopold Café is one of Mumbai’s oldest restaurants. It has achieved cult status, not the least because of the novel “Shantaram” and the tragic events of the 26/11 terror attacks that ravaged Mumbai.

Bouncing back from the tragedy, Leopold Café reopened its doors within 4 days and continues to be an iconic landmark in the already historically-rich city that is Mumbai.

Buhari Hotel, Chennai


The Buhari Hotel kitchen opened in 1951 and can claim to be Chennai’s oldest restaurant. Opening shortly after Independence, the restaurant symbolized India’s new freedom as much as India’s love for food.

What is Buhari Hotel’s real claim to fame? They invented the ‘Chicken 65’.

Chew on that!

Karim’s, Delhi


Delhi had to feature somewhere in the list of ‘India’s most timeless restaurants’. Karim’s in New Delhi is an establishment full of tradition. Originally established in 1913 by Hazi Kareemuddin, Karim’s offers up delicious Mughlai fare made with recipes handed down from generation to generation. Want a taste of royalty? Head over to Karim’s, nestled in the heart of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk area. Consider yourself lucky if you get a seat!

Flury’s, Kolkata


Set up in 1927 as a tea-house by a Swiss couple, Mr. and Mrs. J Flury, who made Calcutta their home, today, Flurry’s is arguably the most famous coffee shop in Kolkata, and is the go-to place for mouth-watering baked goods.

Satyajit Ray, was even rumored to have maintained a credit account here. He would visit Flury’s every Sunday morning for breakfast without fail!


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