5 of The Best Food Trucks From Around The Country


1. The Spitfire BBQ, Bangalore



Run by Siddhanth Sawkar and Gauthami Shankar, The Spitfire BBQ Truck has taken Bangalore by storm. Serving up a delicious array of burgers, hotdogs and other things you might expect of a BBQ, this is one truck-load of BBQ greatness. Try their Double Bacon Double Chicken Steak Burger for some over-the-top indulgence.


2. Frugurpop, Gurgaon and Mumbai



It’s summer time. It’s hot. It’s sweaty. It’s time for some popsicles. Based on Latin America’s Paletas, Frugurpop offers ice-pops made from fresh fruit. The result – delicious coolers that look amazing, taste amazing and have zero preservatives.


3. What The Truck, Gurgaon



Gaurav Gianchandani followed his foodie heart and left the telecom sector to explore the world of food trucks. The smartly named truck is solar powered and affords deliciously, hygienic food at affordable prices. Try out their Chillie Doggie Dog and/or their Kheema Pao.


4. Fuel Up, Bangalore



Inspired by the popular Fox Traveller show, Eat Street, Deepthi Das and Sagar Govindappa decided to start a food truck of their own. Despite facing numerous hurdles from a range of authorities, they managed to set up and cater to only the IT parks. From fajita wraps to hot appam and stew, Fuel up serves up unique and exquisite creations. Try their Burrito bowl if you’re looking to fill up to the brim.


5. The SWAT Truck, Bangalore



What is it with Bangalore and awesome food trucks? The SWAT (Serving with a Twist) Truck looks like something straight out of the movies. Don’t let the appearance fool you though. This truck serves up some action-packed dishes that are stars in their own right. Try their Sloppy Joe Burger for some sloppy, messy, burger delight.


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