What is the ULTIMATE Indian Street Food Snack?

India is blessed with an amazing street food culture. We have variety from every corner of the country. But which one is THE BEST?

We will judge the snacks based on the following criteria:

Taste Well… duh!

Popularity The national reach of the snack

Health Factor How healthy is it?

X Factor What makes us go Ooh


Corn on the cob (Bhutta)


Taste – 7/10

Popularity – 6/10

Health Factor – 8/10

X FactorAu naturel’ (It’s corn. That’s it) – 7/10


Corn on the cob or bhutta is a no-brainer. Sold on streets throughout India, especially during monsoons, corncobs are tasty and healthy. This is mainly because there is no frying involved and instead, they are often roasted on hot coals. Add some nimbu and a bit of masala and that’s it! Corn is low in calories, low on fat and is a great source of antioxidant carotenoids as well.


Sweet Potato Chaat (Shakarkandi)


Taste – 7/10

Popularity – 5/10

Health Factor – 9/10

X FactorNot much “Ooh” here sorry – 2/10


Sweet, sweet potato. Though all may not agree, sweet potato has always been a popular street food, especially in North India. Sweet potato is loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, manganese, fibre, vitamin B, potassium and iron. It’s actually a good weight-loss food too, with 112 calories in each sweet potato and zero fat. Loses out in the popularity factor though.




Taste – 7

Popularity – 8

Health Factor – 8

X FactorIt’s an any time snack (breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between) – 8/10


This South Indian delight has found popularity all over India and for good reason. Look at the scores. It tastes pretty damn awesome, almost everyone likes it and it has health benefits to boot. It’s made of fermented rice and black gram. This increases the bioavailability of proteins and enhances the vitamin B content. Another plus point is that it is steamed, not fried. Careful with the coconut chutney though, it has good fats, just don’t overdo it.


Paani Puri


Taste – 9

Popularity – 10

Health Factor – 3

X FactorIt’s gimmicky and fun to watch it, wait for it, then munch away – 7/10


Paani puri, golgappa, puchka… the list of names of go on. Paani puri is one of the most, if not, THE most popular street food in India. But how healthy is it? Sadly, it isn’t. It does not have high satiety value, which means people eat more without realizing the calories are just stacking up. The only way to make paani puri healthier, would be to remove the salt (to reduce the high sodium content) and remove the diced potatoes altogether. We love you paani puri! But only when we feel like cheating 🙂


Vada Pav

Classic Vada Pav with Cheese

Taste – 9

Popularity – 8

Health Factor – 2

X FactorPractically part of Mumbaikar identity now – 10/10


Ah Vada Pav – The Mumbaikar’s lifeline. When you think of Mumbai, you think of vada pav. Like the New York hotdog, vada pav has reached the very pinnacle of street food success – being part and parcel of a city’s identity. Sadly, it really isn’t that healthy. A single vada pav can have as many as 286 calories! EVERYTHING is fried… from the bun to the potatoes. NOT great for health. More often than not, soda is added to the batter, making an unhealthy snack even unhealthier. Enjoy your vada pav… just don’t overdo it will you 🙂


There you have it! Idli reigns supreme. The heavyweights Paani puri and Vada Pav rely on their fan base for a hard-fought second place tie. Corn on the cob comes in third and Sweet Potato makes an aloo of it all and finishes last 🙂

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