Healthy Restaurants around the country



In this series we take a look at some of the best health-conscious restaurants from around the country. If you happen to pass by one of them, chow down for some deliciously healthy delights. You won’t regret it.

Bombay Salad Co.


Those who don’t like salads will start liking them; those who like salads will start loving them! That pretty much sums up Bombay Salad Co. A quaint salad bar that boasts a great range of healthy and delicious salads, snacks, juices and shakes. Go ahead and create-your-own-salad if you’re feeling creative or chow down on some an avocado & feta salad. There are choices aplenty in this amazing little salad bar.

Bell Peppers – New Delhi


The pure veg family restaurant is a common fix in the lives of many Indians. Bell Peppers in New Delhi is one such restaurant that continuously serves up excellent vegetarian cuisine. They offer a generous selection of classic north Indian foods, and execute them well. Consistent quality and good all-round service makes this restaurant one you have to visit.

Fit Dish Fetish – Bangalore


A restaurant tailor-made for fitness freaks. This Bangalore eatery serves up calculated dishes and menus, and also caters to the more discerning office goers. The fact that each dish has been arranged keeping in mind the nutritional benefits, means that the only hard work you have to do is bite down on some of their tasty and healthy creations. Perfect!

Harima – Bangalore


Japanese cuisine is well known for being one of the healthiest in the world. Why not head out to a Japanese restaurant in your city, and go for their healthier menu options? Harima in Bangalore is the brainchild of Malayalee-Japanese Chef Mako Ravindran. It serves up great Japanese fare, and healthy ones too. The tuna sashimi is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and boosts brain functions. In all, the tendency to go raw and/or steamed, and the focus on freshness makes Japanese cuisine a healthy go-to option.